Cano Jewelry is a celebrated Colombian jewelry brand known for its unique reinterpretations of pre-Columbian art and artifacts discovered by the Cano family in the late nineteenth century.

TAATAAI is a brand that values the craft of ancestral techniques into unique, exceptional pieces for women of today. We work with women (and men) artisans in Colombia, collaborating with institutions that provide technical training and entrepreneurship education.


MooMoo Designs is an Atlanta-based line of contemporary women’s goods and accessories that emphasizes modern, livable design. MooMoo was founded by Juan Hernandez, a Colombian-born expat, who is on the road three months a year cultivating relationships with studios, craftsmen, and factories across three continents that help ensure the quality and workmanship of their designs.
Ex Ovo is a luxury jewlery brand designed by Katrin Zimmermann in New York City. Katrin’s strongest influence is the Art and Cultural Heritage of the Far East. The focus of her design aesthetic is reduction; the emphasis on the essence of a stone, an organic shape or the inherent qualities of a material, whether synthetic or natural. The idea is to bring out singularity through simplicity.